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CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC Awarded Northeast Kansas Regional Award

CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC wins “To the Stars Kansas Business Award” Topeka, KS, October 20th – Governor Kelly and Lt. Governor David Toland honored 240 businesses at the 2022 To

April 12, 2023

Five Characteristics of Truly Inspiring Leaders

There are few things more important to effective leadership than the ability to inspire. While there are plenty of bosses out there worthy of admiration, there are only a handful

March 10, 2022

Three Questions for a Diversity-Intelligent Servant-Led Organization

I have recently been following Heather Younger at Employee Fanatix and ordered her book The Art of Caring Leadership, a must-read for Servant-Leaders. In her article, Three Steps to an

October 25, 2021

The Servant-Leader as Inclusive Human-Centered Leader

I read an article today and it spoke about the seven components of human-centered leadership which align quite nicely with the concept of the Serving Leader. I was excited to

May 13, 2021

A Fixed Point In A Spinning World: Transforming Injustice Through Humility

I have been working with ULEAD, Inc. for several years now. My service began over several conversations with Ritch Hochstetler, Chief Ideation Trailblazer of ULEAD, Inc., who has 30 years

June 15, 2020
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