Dr. Davis, wow! That’s a bad sistah right there! From experience, I can truly say you go out of
your way to help others which is exemplary of servant leadership. Thank you for your guidance and
mentorship! Dr. Crystal, I passed my defense and obtained my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership!
Whoooo hooo!! Thanks for your help and for the tremendous opportunity you provided me!! Blessings
and a hug!

Dr. Jemel Hence
Doctoral Student Testimonial

Greetings Dr. Davis, I passed my final defense and received my PR grade. I want to thank you for supporting, encouraging, and directing me!

Dr. Grace Miranda
Doctoral Student Testimonial

Dr. Davis, thank you for your help! I have so much gratitude for your guidance through the dissertation process!

Dr. Franklin McDuffie
Doctoral Student Testimonial

Dr. Davis, good News! I passed my oral defense yesterday. Thanks for your help getting me through it!

Dr. Eileen F. Good
Doctoral Student Testimonial
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