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Bloom Where You Are Planted Book
Bloom Where You Are Planted was published in 2018

Bloom where you are planted!

Because you are an important part of a bold call to action, a new way of being on our planet. Be prepared to answer the call with compassion and clarity.

Celebrate this growth and potential with servant leadership expert Dr. Crystal Davis and her latest work. Help her become a best-seller on Amazon.com (the book retails at $19.99).

Bloom Where You Are Planted brings together the best academic philosophy around servant leadership and transforms it into practical, everyday applications leaders can use in all walks of life, from the board room to parenthood.

Davis’ authentic, grounded style spans the best of her popular blog, “Lead From Within.” It’s a powerful compilation of insights from top experts in the servant leadership movement today.

The growing trend toward servant leadership is, according to Davis, a reflection of the ongoing spiritual evolution of society as a whole.
“There is a revolution in progress to create a kinder, safer, more loving and meaningful world through awakened consciousness,” she says. “The seeds of that revolution have been planted and have begun to take root in the hearts of many who long for improvement in how we treat one another.”

Davis believes that through the application of the servant leadership principles of compassion and stewardship, the type of change needed to create sustainable economies, heal the Earth and benefit humanity at large is within our grasp.

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The concept of servant-leadership must move from an interesting idea in the public imagination toward the realization that this is the only way we can go forward

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Lead from within. always

“If you never have a chance to meet Dr. Crystal Davis, reading this book is the next best thing to experience her curiosity, passion, and joy about servant leadership writings. Speaking as co-authors of one of the books covered in this volume, we can report that we certainly learned from her enthusiastic summaries and reflections. So will you.”
Don M. Frick
Ph.D., Robert Greenleaf biographer and co-author of “Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership: The Wisdom of Leading by Serving”; and James W. Sipe, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and co-author of “Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership: Practicing the Wisdom of Leading by Serving
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“I have a great appreciation for Crystal Davis and her inspiring work in servant leadership. This is a wonderful collection of her reflections on some key essays and books, including one I co-authored. Crystal captures the essential messages from dozens of contributing authors. The end result is a unique amalgam of her keen insights, coupled with her analysis of servant leadership ideas by many others.”
Larry C. Spears
Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA); president of the Spears Center for Servant Leadership and co-editor of Robert K. Greenleaf’s books; co-author of “Conversations on Servant Leadership”; senior advisory editor of The International Journal of Servant Leadership

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Learn the everyday leadership applications that you can use in all walks of life, from the boardroom to parenthood.