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The Servant-Leader as Inclusive Human-Centered Leader

I read an article today and it spoke about the seven components of human-centered leadership which align quite nicely with the concept of the Serving Leader. I was excited to see what key components might be included in the list so I read on (while sipping my morning coffee).

Adam Pacifico, Cheryl Stokes argue that a human-centered culture values individuality, creates a sense of belonging, and builds deep purpose and engagement. More than this, the human-centered leader embodies the following seven key characteristics; (as taken directly from the article).

  • Inclusivity. Overcoming the need for interpersonal comfort to drive organizational change and strive instead to capture diversity of thought. More and more executives now are courageously and proactively seeking opinions that are diametrically opposed to their own so that they may unlearn and learn simultaneously. 
  • Personal purpose. Having a strong, values-driven “north star” in an ever- and increasingly changing landscape. 
  • Vigilance. The ability to remain abundantly alert and deeply curious to detect, sense, make and act on the earliest signs of both threat and opportunity. For many the term ‘ambidextrous leadership,” may be common as leaders strive to both exploit and explore on a daily basis.
  • Curiosity. The desire to challenge the status quo, explore, discover, and learn on at least three levels; self, others, and the world, in line with the work of Stefaan Van Hooydonk.
  • Humility. Self-awareness and the ability to appreciate the strengths and contribution of others whilst being open to ideas and feedback on own performance.
  • Empathy Vicarious introspection to put yourself in the shoes of another whilst being aware of ethical fading when empathy is taken to extremes.
  • Presence. The manifestation and combination of charisma, confidence, decisiveness, gravitas and congruence. At times silence is enough.

I love the list and what seems to resonate with me most today is Presence. Today, I practice presence through quiet contemplation of this list and my own human-centered approach as a Serving-Leader. I invite you to do the same. If you want to read the article in its entirety, you can find it here. Happy Wednesday, friends.

To the Human-Centered Leadership,

Dr. Crystal

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